Introducing Jennifer Hallock

In French, the word histoire can mean either a chronicle of the past or a fresh fictional tale. As a historical romance author, I love that flexibility. No matter whether I am writing sexy novels or telling the truth of the Philippine-American War, I embrace the story behind the events. Oh, maybe I should introduce myself? My name is Jennifer Hallock, and …

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The Fine Art of Flirting

Apparently, in the 1880s, there arose all manners of flirtatious signals between men and women. This was no doubt due to the increasing informality between the sexes as they rode bicycles sans chaperones, danced all night beneath gas lamps, and sometimes were employed in the same company. The following modes of flirtation were found in …

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A Friday Reads Smorgasbord!

In the interests of full disclosure, I must confess my neglect of Edwardian Promenade was also due to other people’s books! Thanks to the good folks at Edelweiss and NetGalley, I’ve loaded up my Sony Reader with amazing upcoming releases, which compliment my own ample personal purchases. All links lead to Goodreads WWI – The …

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