A St. Patrick’s Day Sociable (with Recipes!)

DANCE OF COLLEENS The most successful feature of a pay entertainment given on March 17th was a chorus of “Irish Colleens,” who sang Irish ballads, to the great enjoyment of the audience. The colleens were twelve pretty girls wearing homespun frocks and wreaths of shamrock. They carried little shillalahs (blackthorn clubs) specially made for the …

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Edwardian Beauty Recipes

A few years ago, Fleur de Guerre blogged about her vintage beauty regime, and since I–like most women, I’m sure–have gone through many, many brands in search of a product that would combat all of my real (and imagined *g*) flaws, I decided to follow her basic, vintage-inspired advice (and it is relevant for all …

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A Little Bit of Titanic on Thanksgiving

On the Memorial Wall at Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition at Luxor, next to a list of passenger names is a quote from Jack Foster that reads, “We are all passengers on the Titanic.” The Belfast philosopher understood that The Ship was a small representation of the world; both in its time almost 100 years ago, …

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