The Edwardian Garden Party

Garden parties were the easiest and most informal manner of entertaining. As part of the duty owed the county, it was expected that at least once a year, preferable in August or September, the beautiful grounds of the lord of the manor were opened for guests to roam about the park, row on the lake, …

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Dining and Dinners

Nothing preoccupied the mind of an Edwardian hostess so much as the planning of a dinner party. From matters of food and drink, table service, the guest list, and matters of precedence, every detail was of the utmost importance. A dinner of tepid or cold food, of dull guests, and of seating arrangements that did …

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Amusements Entertainment Holidays

Hallowe’en In the Gilded Age

Despite its roots in European paganism, Halloween is a thoroughly American holiday. During the Gilded Age, Americans took Halloween quite seriously, even going so far as to celebrate it wherever they happened to be–as German society soon discovered when the expatriates residing in Berlin shook up the Kaiser’s capital with “games, Jack-o-lanterns, mince pies, and …

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