The Peerage at Work

In the 1880s, falling rents, an agricultural depression, and taxation all conspired against the lavish lifestyles of England’s aristocracy, and ten years later, articles appeared in leading journals and magazines, detailing the entry of the peerage into Trade!! The old verse– Lord Stafford mines for coal and salt, The Duke of Norfolk deals in malt, …

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The Tea Rooms of London

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, meals could be obtained at chop houses, coaching inns, hotels, and coffee houses, yet all these ways of eating were deemed unsuitable for respectable women, who generally ate at home. This situation changed in the 1860s with the arrival of better railway hotels, who welcomed women in the …

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The Edwardian Publishing Industry

Much as today, the publishing industry of the Edwardian era wrestled with such familiar issues as distribution, declining interest in reading, literary fiction versus “trash” for the masses, competition for bookstores from cheap editions & used book sales, and the eternal assumption of an “us versus them” between aspiring authors and editors/literary agents of major …

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