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Edwardian Interiors: An Edwardian Town House

For the wealthy and socially aspiring Edwardians, life in London, according to Alastair Service, was often hard work to get idle pleasure. During the season, society descended upon London for three months of socializing, networking, sport, pleasure, and otherwise strengthening ties between families and acquaintances. With so many aristocrats and moneyed people taking part in …

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Architecture London Society

Mansions of Mayfair

According to E. Beresford Chancellor, if “we sought for one particular feature distinguishing London from the other capitals of Europe, apart from its immense proportions, it would probably be found in the number of its large houses–many of which are indeed private palaces.” Mayfair had not always been fashionable, and long after the areas of …

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Promenades Through London: Mayfair

The parishes of Christ Church and St George, Hanover Square, included the greatest and most characteristic part of Mayfair. Not all who lived in these parishes were rich, but the inhabitants included, together with their households, many of the wealthiest people in London. The district took its name from the fair which was held there …

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