Feeding the House of Commons

DURING the last five years Colonel Mark Lockwood, M.P., was Chairman of the Kitchen Committee of the House of Commons. This post is not a bed of roses; in the consideration of some persons it is not even a post of credit, as Colonel Lockwood explains in an interesting article on the Kitchen Committee in …

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London Politics

Daily Life in the British Parliament: The House of Commons

A bicameral parliament, with an upper house, the House of Lords, and a lower house, the House of Commons, the Parliament of Great Britain is the supreme legislative body in the United Kingdom. When the Founding Fathers of America worked to construct the government, they looked to British Parliament for structure, creating the Senate (comparable …

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Ladies’ Gallery at the Commons

Ladies were excluded from the House of Commons, but a gallery, above that of those reserved for reporters, was provided. Ironically–or not?–ladies were “caged” behind a grille, as separated and invisible to the gentlemen down in the Commons as the women in Middle Eastern harems. After the Women’s Freedom League laid assault to the Commons …

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