The Hobble Garter

Not content with the harness and trappings of various descriptions with which the fashionable woman must needs burden herself in these foolish fashion days, there has now made its appearance in the fashionable shops that cater to the ultra – advanced fashion whims, what is known as the “hobble-garter.” The new contrivance follows closely on …

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The Hobble Skirt

Of all the fads in fashion of the Edwardian era, none was so provocative–or dangerous–as the hobble skirt. French couturier Paul Poiret claimed to have created the hobble skirt, but the narrow, nearly skin-tight skirt had its roots in the early 1880s, when fashion placed emphasis on the posterior hidden beneath a neat, erotic bustle. …

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Introduction: Edwardian Women’s Fashions

The silhouette of the Edwardian woman changed drastically between the 1880s and the start of WWI. From the protruding bustle of the 1880s and the aggressive, slightly masculine leg-o’mutton sleeves of the 1890s, to the S-bend, swan-like shape of the 1900s and the ultra-slim line of the hobble-skirt in 1910, each reflected the shift of …

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