How to drive the 12 hp Darracq

Photo from Wikimedia Commons It is probably because I know the Darracq car so well that I like it. I have owned and driven the 6½, 9, 12, and 24 h.p. cars, and having had several years’ experience of these (and other) cars, I shall endeavour to put some of the good points of them …

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Meets of the Four-in-Hand and Coaching Clubs in Hyde Park

A singular ceremony is repeated at intervals during the London Season, which may be regarded as one of the most successful efforts of the kind yet invented. On a given morning (usually in the week before the great Epsom race), shortly after noon, some twenty splendid equipages belonging to members of the Four-in-Hand or Coaching …

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To Drive a Motorcar

In the Edwardian era, “motor driving” was largely a hobby, sometimes a sport, undertaken and enjoyed by the wealthy elites. Though the automobile made it easier to go from point A to point B, the attitude towards actually driving this new contraption was rather casual–one was apt to say “shall we go motoring?” in the …

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