WWI Wednesday: Psychical Phenomena and the War

Spiritualism experienced a resurgence during WWI and immediately afterwards. A given since the world was shrouded by death and destruction for nearly five years (including the Spanish Flu epidemic). In his book, Psychical Phenomena and the War, Hereward Carrington, a psychic investigator, attempts to explain and expound upon the forces–material and immaterial–that emerged from the …

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The Death of King Edward VII

The death of King Edward VII on May 6, 1910, marked the proper end of Edwardian era. Society marched gaily on until the summer of 1914, but no longer was there a charismatic, pleasure-loving, and cosmopolitan monarch to look to for amusement, fashion, sport, and manners. Though most of the king’s set were just as …

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The Morbidity of the Paris Morgue

For most living in the long nineteenth century, death was a constant companion. It crept about nurseries and palaces, laid its finger on the poorest in the land to the richest, and disrupted even the most mundane of social events. Because of this, death was displayed matter-of-factly in newspapers, magazines, and early news reels, almost …

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