Tips for an Edwardian Ball

The first thing to be considered before deciding to give a private ball is whether you have rooms enough, and whether they are fitted for the purpose. In order to have your arrangements complete, six or seven rooms at least should be set apart for this festivity—two cloak-rooms, tea and refreshment room, drawing-room for the …

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Edwardian Interiors: The Ballroom

From Party-giving on Every Scale: To commence with one of these minor expenses, but an all-important one in its way, the floor of a ball-room. The drawing-rooms or drawing-room of a house is, in town, the room usually converted into a ball-room, save in those stately mansions which boast of an especial ball-room or picture-gallery …

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The Royal Caledonian Ball

Though Scottish, Irish, and Welsh noblemen mingled within English society on rather equal terms, it must have been a desire for something of their own during the London season, which urged the Duke and Duchess of Atholl to host a private ball for their Scottish friends residing in London. By 1849 it had become a …

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