American Colonial Missionaries in the Philippines

Once upon a time, Catholic-Protestant strife scorched Europe. In the seventeenth century, for example, about eight million people died in the Thirty Years War, almost a tenth of the estimated total population. Germany’s male population was cut by nearly half. There were also civil wars in France, England, Scotland, and Ireland, killing millions more. The …

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Student Life in Oxford University

A few weeks ago I received an email from a reader curious about daily life at university for an upwardly mobile young man and I figured the least I could do was to share a description with you! When a freshman is once established in college, his life falls into a pleasantly varied routine. The …

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Fascinating Women: Nell Brinkley

Though unfairly forgotten, Nell Brinkley was just as popular and successful during America’s “golden age of illustration” (1880s-1910s) as her male counterparts, Charles Dana Gibson, James Montgomery Flagg, and Howard Chandler Christy, to name a few illustration titans. The product of a solid Mid-Western upbringing and possessing no formal training, Nell’s natural talent came to …

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