Interior Design

Edwardian Housekeeping: Furnishing the Shooting-Box

The Edwardians had clothing for every hour of the day and every activity, and they also had houses suited for individual activities as well! Shooting-boxes were residences either owned or rented for the sole purpose of housing a party of people gathered for the shooting season. Some were small estates, and others–typically in Scotland–were of …

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London & Paris Fashions: September 1902

It is distinctly depressing to contemplate the purchase of warm garments for cool days before the summer has left us; and though in September we may reasonably expect a. short spell of what is known as an Indian summer, we are obliged to take cool mornings and evenings into consideration. September is essentially a holiday …

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Student Life in Oxford University

A few weeks ago I received an email from a reader curious about daily life at university for an upwardly mobile young man and I figured the least I could do was to share a description with you! When a freshman is once established in college, his life falls into a pleasantly varied routine. The …

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