U.S. Interventionism in Latin America and the Caribbean

Hi! My name is Lydia San Andres and I write historical romance set in 1911, in a fictional island in the Spanish Caribbean. Why a fictional island? Well… As you probably know if you’ve been reading Jennifer Hallock’s posts on New Imperialism, the early 20th century saw the global expansion of U.S. power in the …

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Antiques Diplomacy History

Serio-Comic Maps of International Tensions

Any serious study into the Edwardian era will unearth a stunning array of double-dealing, back-biting, secret treaties, war-mongering, and imperialistic dreams between European, American, and Asian nations, which resulted in tension so thick, you could cut with it a rattling saber. I plan to discuss more of what GD Falksen so cleverly called “the steampunk …

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Diplomacy Espionage Politics Professions

Secret History of the Secret Service

The roots of our modern-day intelligence agencies are to be found in the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Certainly espionage is one of the oldest professions (second to prostitution), and impressive spy networks were to be found in Elizabethan England under Francis Walsingham and in Commonwealth England under John Thurloe (if not Catherine de Medici’s fabled …

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