House Hunters: Edwardian Style

House hunting was a serious concern to middle- and upper-class Edwardians. They were not only concerned with expense and location, but sanitation and transportation. The most common method of finding a new home was to drive around suitable neighborhoods and search for “To Let” signs. On these signs were listed the general details of the …

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Edwardian Housekeeping: Lighting

At the start of the Edwardian era, the use of electricity gradually made its way from public buildings to smart homes in cities and newly-built houses in the suburbs–though it took a while for this new method of power and lighting to reach the countryside. In the meantime, gas had finally banished candles (save when …

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Before & After in a Birmingham slum

The late Victorian and Edwardian eras were the epoch of slum clearances. Philanthropists, Fabians, and the newfangled city councils were determined to stamp out poverty with action as opposed to donating sums to charities and hoping it would reach those in need. Yet, the process of clearing tenements and building more sanitary living spaces and …

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