Upstairs Downstairs in Gilded Age America

Millionaires of the Gilded Age looked to Europeans–or more specifically, the British–for cues on how to recreate the leisured life in America, copying them from the construction of country estates, to golf clubs, to social seasons, all the way down to the bottom of this lifestyle: domestic servants. Yet, save indentured servitude and slavery, American …

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La Belle Époque Paris and Its Society

France may have been a Republic, but the glories of its aristocracy lived on. Granted, the upheaval of the last one hundred years resulted in a fragmented upper class, and the last vestiges of their political power died with the Boulanger scandal; nevertheless, its members remained incredibly exclusive, envied, and emulated. To be an accepted …

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Promenades through London: Kensington

The shape of the borough of Kensington was likened to a man’s leg and foot in a top-boot, being bordered on the west by Uxbridge Road Station, Addiston Road Station and West Brompton to Chelsea Station; the Brompton Cemetery being the heel, the sole as Fulham Road and Walton Street, and the pointed toe being …

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