The Party, The Pie, and the Girl Who Brought Down a Gilded Age Tycoon

Gilded Age New York was a veritable playground for men both bachelor and married alike. From the Lobster Palace restaurants to the Bohemian enclaves of Greenwich Village to the theaters dotting Broadway, there were a variety of entertainments–and women–available for gentlemen to partake. The quintessential man-about-town of the period was the famed, wealthy, and handsome …

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Book Spotlight: Gilded Mansions

For a detailed introduction to the architecture of the Gilded Age, Gilded Mansions: Grand Architecture and High Society, is a marvelous start. Though Craven makes a few mistakes about the New York society who inhabited the grand mansions along Fifth Avenue or the palatial “cottages” in Newport, the photographs of interiors and floorplans more than …

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The American Country House

As cities began to expand after the Civil War, the crowded quarters boded ill for health, and the suburbs began to lure city dwellers with promises of fresh air and the pleasures of country living. One commuter of 1883 wrote:” I live in a good neighborhood, close to a country station, ten miles from the …

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