Going to Market in Edwardian London

London goes to market at Covent Garden, the one district which is astir early. Six o’clock is late and at eight the bargain hunters begin to be seen. At ten the garbage is being swept up and picked over by street combers, and before noon this heart of old London is deserted. The actual area …

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The Inner Life of a Gentleman’s Club

[T]he day at a club begins the night before. About 9 p.m., when the rush is over, the chef or chief cook takes stock of what is left on hand, and frames his estimate of what will be required for next day’s consumption. His calculation is based upon the season of the year and the …

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Elizabeth Robins Pennell on A Perfect Breakfast, 1900

Elizabeth Robins Pennell, an American biographer, food and art critic, and traveler who settle in London with her artist husband, Joseph Pennell, had a weakness for eating, cookery, and cookbooks. By the time of her death in 1936, she had accumulated a collection of over 400 cookbooks, all of which she bequeathed to the Library …

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