PERIOD DRAMA ALERT: The Adventures of Selika

Thrilled that Cesar nominated @Karidjatoure (Girlhood) is confirmed to star in #TheAdventuresofSelika – fab start to the week! @stylereins — The Equestrian Film (@equestrianfilm) October 24, 2016 According to Black Female Equestrian, “Selika Lazevski, a 19th century equestrian was photographed here by Felix Nadar in 1891 in Paris, France. She was an écuyère who …

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Tattersall’s in the Edwardian Era

For those of you familiar with Regency romances, Tattersall’s is one of the “hot spots,” so to speak, at which the gentlemen (and some daring ladies) of the ton convened for their horse flesh. Read more about that on Candice Hern’s website. During the Edwardian era, the equine hubbub had dispersed a bit towards other …

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Outdoor Servants: The Stables

Horses were the backbone of Edwardian society, and even as the motorcar supplanted the carriage, the measure of a gentleman was always in how he treated his horses. The care Edwardian gentlemen lavished upon their horses was shown in the PBS documentary, Secrets of the Manor House, which featured the luxurious stables of Manderston House–an …

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