Edwardian Girls’ Hairstyles

At no time is the arrangement of the hair so noticeable as in the summer, when the average healthy American girl goes hatless. At about sixteen or seventeen years the hair is generally worn up on the head, and if the present modes are followed, and the hair arranged deep over the brow and ears …

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Edwardian Fashion: Bandeaux

Once again, while reading Jane Austen’s World, I was struck by the uncanny similarities between fashions of the Regency and the Edwardian eras. Vic has already taken a look at the popularity of the bandeau in the Regency era, so I shall take a look at its presence one hundred years later. As with the …

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Fascinating Women: Madam C.J. Walker

Contrary to public opinion, Madam C.J. Walker did not invent the hot comb or relaxers, and neither was she the only African-American beautician during the Gilded Age. What the former Sarah Breedlove was, however, was incredibly intelligent–a savvy entrepreneur, pioneering businesswoman, and shrewd marketer, she turned African-American beauty culture into a multimillion dollar empire never …

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