Country House Visits

Disraeli, in his ” Lothair,” wrote of a visit to a country house that ” it is a series of meals mitigated by the new dresses of the ladies.” Since his day there have been great changes in country house etiquette. In fact, the very word seems out of place, so free and easy are …

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WWI Wednesday: Wartime Rationing

Don’t Waste Bread! © IWM (Art.IWM PST 13354) It must have been a great shock to the Edwardians to go from extreme lavishness in meals to extreme want during the height of the war. During the early months, food prices soared as Britons fearfully stocked up on basic necessities and other foodstuffs. However, this was …

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The Type-Writer Girl

It was no coincidence that with the rise in female education, female employment would also rise in prominence. Something monumental happened to English society with the passing of the Education Act of 1870, wherein schooling was provided to all children between the ages of five and twelve, with elementary school made compulsory in 1880, and …

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