Addie Hunton on the work of Black YMCA workers in WWI

Kathryn Magnolia Johnson (1878–1955), a high school teacher, worked for the NAACP as a field agent from 1913 to 1916, establishing branches in the Midwest and South. Addie Waites Hunton (1866–1943), a fellow teacher, worked as a NAACP field organizer from 1921 to 1924 and helped arrange the 1927 Pan-African Congress. In 1918 Johnson and …

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Great War

Life in the Trenches

Life in the trenches was not a single, uniform experience for Allied troops in France, nor was it a strictly British experience; it was also not one long and relentless barrage of shells, grenades, snipers, and gasses from the enemy until one was wounded or killed. As Downton Abbey’s second season opens, we see Matthew …

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The Courtesan

Belle Epoque France was relatively free of the hypocrisy of Edwardian England, and there, the courtesan flourished. The exploits, the rivalries, the fashion, the lovers, and the wealth of Les Grand Horizontals were given equal coverage as the doings of Tout Paris, and in fact, where the courtesans led, the smartest of the smart set …

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