Absinthiana – Compliments from the Green Fairy

Absinthe spoons (or absinthiana) are one of those “lost” habits that take us back to more glamorous eras. No matter if you are a fan of the drink or not, you can see how these spoons are small pieces of art just by themselves. These spoons were placed on top of the glasses, and they …

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Edwardian Cocktails

The very first post I wrote for Edwardian Promenade was about the history of the cocktail. It was rather disconcerting to realize that the drinks we order at the bar today existed one hundred years ago! So for those of you aspiring to host an Edwardian-themed party, I give you a few recipes: APPLEJACK SOUR …

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Keeping Cool on Hot Summer Days

No matter the temperature, our sturdy Edwardians remained buttoned and corseted, which, since weather has largely remained the same in all corners of the globe, made for very uncomfortable times. Let’s explore how people at the turn-of-the-century kept cool amidst sweltering summer heat. The Menorah: a Monthly Magazine for the Jewish Home, v29 (1900) The …

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