Emily Post on Table Manners

You can find anything on YouTube these days, and I was amused to find this particular video by esteemed American etiquette author, Emily Post. Post, the daughter of a famed Gilded Age architect, turned to the thornier issues of etiquette in the wake of her scandalous divorce from banker Edwin Post in the early 1900s. …

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WWI Wednesday: Wartime Rationing

Don’t Waste Bread! © IWM (Art.IWM PST 13354) It must have been a great shock to the Edwardians to go from extreme lavishness in meals to extreme want during the height of the war. During the early months, food prices soared as Britons fearfully stocked up on basic necessities and other foodstuffs. However, this was …

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Barbecues in Gilded Age America

The barbecue was an established institution in the Southwest. It had in no other part of the country so many devotees. There was a charm in the name that would at any time call together a large concourse of people, on the shortest notice, and for any occasion. And the savory smell of roasted ox, …

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