Titled Americans, the 1890s Guide to Snagging an Aristocrat

The American Heiress is one of my favorite topics to cover when speaking about the Edwardian Era–and an American heiress is the heroine of my latest book!–so I was ecstatic when I finally tracked down a copy of the almost mythical quarterly periodical, Titled Americans. In this slim book is a list of all American …

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Pocket Guide to Edwardian England

I’ve always wanted to write a book drawn from my years of research into the Edwardian period and the years spent running this website, but always found excuses to put off the task. Recent circumstances forced me to reassess my personal and career goals, and this long-held dream of mine found its way to the …

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Married Love by Marie Stopes, the Book that Scandalized WWI Society

The war forced sexual matters to the forefront of society. Soldiers were sent to hospitals more often for venereal disease than bodily injury, young women were in contact with young men in an unchaperoned capacity for the first time, and there were even scandals over the supposed immorality within female military branches (Violet Douglas-Pennant was …

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