George Méliès and the Wonders of Cinema

It is interesting to think that by the end of the nineteenth century people were already watching movies. Perhaps not actually going to the cinema, and movies certainly weren’t widespread. But that quickly changed in a handful of years. At the beginning of the next century there were already movie companies, several producers, even theatres …

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What Echoed Through Edwardian Halls

  In terms of music, the Edwardian Era marks the end of the Romantic era, and the start of the Modern era. People were dancing ragtime and all those scandalous dances, but what were they listening to? What would an orchestra play, or a solo musician? What would a proper lady play when she had …

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Fortuny’s “Delphos” Gown

Ladies’ fashions had pretty much settled by the Edwardian era. The days when Charles Worth would wreak sensation and havoc upon the lives of his female clients had passed, and for the most part, the silhouettes of the 1880s, 1890s and early 1900s flowed neatly with one another; only minor bumps like the brief fashion …

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