Visiting the Moon in Gilded Age America

The day the crew of Apollo 11 reached the moon has gone down in history as one of the pinnacles of man’s achievements and as characteristic of the space age. Oddly enough, a desire and a plan to reach the moon existed in the American psyche as early as 1904–as this article in Munsey’s Magazine …

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The Prettiest Debutantes of 1904

SOME years ago it had become the fashion in London to look upon girls almost as a negligible quantity in the social fabric. In those days a “girls’ ball ” was a very insignificant entertainment indeed, and suggested an uninteresting supper, indifferent champagne, and a masculine dancing contingent entirely composed of boys and patriarchs, the …

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Telephone Etiquette

Everywhere in these days one hears the same story. The American woman in her home, whether in city or country, is becoming as dependent upon the telephone as her husband in his store or office. She orders the family dinner by telephone, upbraids her dressmaker by telephone and electioneers by telephone for the presidency of …

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