WWI Wednesday: Pipes, Cigarettes, & Cigars!

The Edwardian era saw the beginnings of the glamorous (for women) and rugged (for men) image of smoking later promulgated in advertisements and cinema. The convention of an after-dinner glass of port with a cigar trickled downwards from the aristocracy to the middle classes during the high Victorian era, and the Prince of Wales (later …

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WWI Wednesday: Outfitting the VAD

New VADs destined for military hospitals joined a detachment for one month’s probation, and if suitable, they signed a contract for a further six months service, receiving £20 per annum and a uniform allowance of £4. There were a variety of places where one could obtain a uniform, including the tailoring departments in posh stores …

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WWI Wednesday: Housekeeping in Wartime

This earlier post on rationing in wartime discusses the change in eating habits and heating methods, and now we’ll look at some recipes that filled the newspapers and cookery books of the day. Leek and Pork Pie Cut up small one bundle of leeks, wash, and place them in salted boiling water. Let boil twenty …

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