Screw upon a Screw: Sex Education in the Gilded Age

As you might imagine, this post is sexually explicit. You have been warned. When I started writing historical romance set in the Gilded Age, I needed to know what level of sexual ignorance I was dealing with. Did doctors of the day believe in “virginity tests”? Did they understand a woman’s body and how to bring it pleasure? …

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Scandal Society Women

Fascinating Women: May Yohé

Perhaps it was the possession of the ill-fated and cursed Hope Diamond which destined Mary Augusta Yohé to a life of infamy and ruin. Nonetheless, you must say that her fate was that of a series of missteps and foolish actions–rather in the vein of Lily Bart–with which the ebullient American musical actress chose to …

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Love Men Sex Women

The Men and Women’s Club

In the summer of 1885, Karl Pearson founded The Men and Women’s Club with the aim to discuss “all matters…connected with the mutual position and relation of men and women.” Pearson drew his members from middle-class liberals, socialists, and feminists, and over the lifespan of the club (1885-1889), discussions ranged from sexual relations in Periclean …

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