The Impossibility of Dressing on £1000 a year

“How the poor live” has been the subject of countless articles, but the struggle for existence of the smart society woman–one of our “splendid paupers”–seems fated to take a back seat in the literature of the day. Consider the hard case of one, young and pretty, condemned to dress on a thousand a year. The …

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Halloween Paradoxes from 1912

Halloween Paradoxes. – THE EVENING before All Saints’ Day, formerly called All Hallows Eve, was originally given to religious observance. Modern usage now spells it Halloween, and it is now devoted mainly to mischief. In the larger cities that enjoy adequate police protection the impulses of male youth on Halloween are held in check, although …

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If London Were Like New York (1902)

“If London Were Like New York: A Peek At The Metropolis After The American Invasion” from Harmsworth’s Magazine (The London Magazine), February 1902. For the purpose of this article the gentle reader of the “London Magazine” will kindly consider himself or herself living in the year of grace 1907. The American invaders, having captured the …

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