The Etiquette of the Shooting Party

There are large shooting parties and small shooting parties, shooting parties to which royalty is invited and shooting parties restricted to intimate friends or relations, but in either case the period is the same, three days’ shooting. If a party is limited to five guns, seven ladies is the average number invited, the hostess relying …

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The Edwardian Sportswoman

In the first volume of The Sportswoman’s Library (1898), editor Frances Slaughter states: “It is during the last ten years that women have come to be reckoned as a power in the land, in the matter of sport, and it is now a matter of course for the novelists of the day to make their …

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Amusements Royalty Season Travel

The Season: Scotland

After the close of the London social season, society packed its bags for either the Continent, or other country house parties, but most traveled up north for the Scottish season. Partly focused in Edinburgh and partly focused in Balmoral Castle, or other Scottish castles and/or hunting seats, this time was marked by August 12, otherwise …

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