Edwardian Housekeeping: The Ideal Nursery

Light for the Nursery Baby is at last counted worthy to share with its elders the advantages of all the health-giving devices of the twentieth century, and the deplorable remark, ” What a pity to turn this fine room into a nursery! ” is now but rarely heard. This is as it should be, for …

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Interior Design

Edwardian Housekeeping: Furnishing the Home

Methods of Furnishing The Hire-Purchasing System, wherein the buyer paid for their furnishings on an installment plan (rather like Rent-a-Center). The Stock Furnishing System, wherein the buyer took a list of what they wanted for each room, and purchased it all at once at a discounted rate. The Craftsman’s System, wherein the buyer commissioned artist-craftsmen …

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Proper Furniture for Servants + giveaway

High Press Bedstead Towel Horse Wash Stand Chest of Drawers Toilet Table For this week’s giveaway, I have a copy of Frances Osborne’s debut novel, Park Lane, and The Victorian Hospital and The Industrial Revolution from Shire Publications. So that is two separate prizes, so leave a comment below with which books you would like …

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