Winter Break!

Thank you all for your comments, visits, emails, tweets, etc this year! Because of you I managed to meet my goal of one million unique visitors in a calendar year! Woot! Look for the return of our regularly scheduled program after Christmas, and happy holidays!

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Christmas in Edwardian London

A mighty magician has touched London with his wand. The spirit of altruism has descended upon the City of Self. The note of preparation for the great festival of the Christian Church, which was sounded early in November when the windows of the stationers, the booksellers’ shops, and the railway stalls became suddenly gay with …

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Christmas with King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra

Less opulent than Buckingham Palace, less iconic than Windsor Castle, and definitely less bombastic than Balmoral, the royal residence of Sandringham House in Norfolk was built for privacy and simplicity. Here, on his own country estate King Edward VII could relax from the formalities of his rank, he could romp with his family and close …

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