Mogul and the Chinese Exclusion Act: An Interview with Joanna Shupe

Award-winning author Joanna Shupe writes the men of Edwardian era New York like no other. While some are born to the Knickerbocker Club set, others are self-made titans of industry. But whether they are from Five Points or Fifth Avenue, they are all swoon-worthy. In Mogul, one will battle a real historical injustice: the restrictive immigration laws of the late nineteenth …

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Raise the Red Flag: Cholera in Colonial Manila

My upcoming novella Tempting Hymn will be the second in my series to mention the 1902 cholera epidemic in the Philippines. The book’s hero, Jonas Vanderburg, volunteered his family for mission work in the Philippines, only to lose his wife and daughters in the same outbreak that Georgina Potter dodged when she arrived in Manila …

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Chinese-American Cookery

The pre-launch issue of GILDED included an article on the popularity of dining in Chinese restaurants and chop suey joints in Gilded Age America. In response to one reader’s request for actual recipes from that era, I dug up a few digitized cookbooks available online to oblige her request! The most thorough and helpful cookbook …

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