Absinthiana – Compliments from the Green Fairy

Absinthe spoons (or absinthiana) are one of those “lost” habits that take us back to more glamorous eras. No matter if you are a fan of the drink or not, you can see how these spoons are small pieces of art just by themselves. These spoons were placed on top of the glasses, and they …

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The Mustache

To the Edwardian man, the mustache was an affectation “the most flattering to the vanity of the young.” With it, “the boy feels himself a man. It helps him to look old and the look of age is useful in business and inspires confidence. The youth of twenty one looks thirty with a mustache and …

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Antiques Fashion

Vesta Cases

As I browsed the antiques section of ebay, I stumbled upon a number of listings for small, rectangular silver items called “vesta cases”. This unknown item, apparently quite popular in Victorian/Edwardian eras, made me curious and I immediately went on a hunt for more information. These pocket-sized cases for carrying matches took their name from …

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