Fascinating Women: Mrs. Leslie Carter

For most girls of the Gilded Age, marrying a wealthy man was success enough, but for Mrs. Leslie Carter, this was the least of her accomplishments, which would eventually outstrip her coup of marrying up. A native of Lexington, Kentucky, Caroline Louise Dudley was born in 1862 to Orson Dudley, a moderately wealthy wholesale dry …

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Professions Theater Women

Fascinating Women: Lily Elsie

With her button nose, piles of heavy, lustrous brunette locks, and doe eyes, Lily Elsie walked across the stage as a child star and into the hearts of Victorian and Edwardian audiences, where she remained for the majority of her life. She was born Elsie Hodder to an unmarried seamstress in West Riding, Yorkshire in …

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Paris People Women

Fascinating Women: Liane de Pougy

Liane de Pougy was a member of what was known as Les Grandes Horizontales–and was the most infamous of them all. During France’s Belle Epoque, the highest echelon of courtesans were considered celebrities “as firmly established as the top stars of the theatre.” They were the talk of the town, their bon mots were repeated …

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