Proper Furniture for Servants + giveaway

high press bedstead
High Press Bedstead

towel horse
Towel Horse

wash stand
Wash Stand

chest of drawers
Chest of Drawers

toilet table
Toilet Table

For this week’s giveaway, I have a copy of Frances Osborne’s debut novel, Park Lane, and The Victorian Hospital and The Industrial Revolution from Shire Publications. So that is two separate prizes, so leave a comment below with which books you would like to win (Park Lane or the Shire books, to clarify).


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18 replies on “Proper Furniture for Servants + giveaway”
  1. says: Emily Clapp

    I think I would prefer the Park Lane book over the Shire books, but they sound good too. Decisions! Park Lane please- the escape of fiction is much needed right now.

  2. says: Ray Turner

    Evangeline, I’d be particularly interested in the Hospital book, so I’d like to enter for the Shire books.

  3. says: Karin Foster

    I’d love to win the shire publications. ….and can I just add how much I enjoy reading your posts: always fascinating & a good read as well as well written

  4. says: Misty E Martin

    Not sure if my post went through. If it did sorry for yhey’re repeat. I’d like Park Lane

  5. says: Marie

    If it would be possible for you to post to Norway, then I’d most definitely choose the Shire books. If you only send within the USA, that is of course fine and understandable!

  6. says: Cynthia

    Evangeline, I would love to read The Industrial Revolution.
    This was an era of discovery, invention, mystery and the beauty of classical aesthetics. Sherlock Holmes, Charles Dickens, Jack the Ripper, the Royals, etc.
    So inspiration. Thank you.

  7. says: Julie Robertson

    The Industrial Revolution and The Victorian Hospital, please– special interests of mine. Thank you.

  8. Oh, how I would love the Shire books. Great giveaway. It’s a generous thing for you to do. Meanwhile, I love the pictures in this post. There is nothing like a good visual!

  9. says: Darylle

    I spy, with my little eye, The Victorian Hospital and The Industrial Revolution books. Thanks for the opportunity.

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