Writing a book is a major task in and of itself, and adding history to the mix is even more work. The Blue Stockings Society is here to lighten the burden of research, whether it be cleaning up the historical details in a completed manuscript, directing you to the right sources, or conducting the research as you write your manuscript. Our flat rates or hourly rates are reasonable, or you could choose a number of À la carte services geared towards non-writers (students, genealogists, family historians, etc). Payment plans are available as well!

Areas of Expertise
Victorian and Edwardian Britain
1870-1930s America
Belle Epoque Europe
African-American History
Colonial History
Food and Drink
Social History
Peerage, Gentry, and other social classes
Royalty and Heads of State
Women’s History
Amusements and recreations
…and more! Just ask.

Now that I’ve explained what I do, what are you waiting for? Fill in the form on the “contact” page and I will respond within 2-3 business days.

Some Published Books I’ve Provided Research Assistance For:

The Summerset Abbey trilogy by T.J. Brown (Gallery Books/Pocket)
Summerset Abbey
Summerset Abbey: A Bloom in Winter
Summerset Abbey: Spring Awakening
The Governess of Highland Hall by Carrie Turansky (Multnomah Books/Random House)


Based on the broad and narrow focus of history, I offer three packages:

Preliminary Research – Let’s say you have an idea for a plot, but are unsure about the setting and find the search for information daunting. With this package I will conduct the necessary research, tailor it to your manuscript, and create an e-book of my findings. $60/hr or flat rate of $450 – less than 50,000 words; or $90/hr or flat rate of $750 50,000+ words
Research-On-the-Go – For those with a solid footing in history, but need information on the little details, and want to make sure your characters remain accurate to the time period as you write the manuscript. $50/hr or flat rate of $350 – less than 50,000 words; or $75/hr or flat rate of $550 – 50,000+ words
Clean Up – You’ve completed the manuscript but are unsure of the accuracy of the history or of your characters. I will fact check the manuscript and conduct extra research–either to correct the errors or give you the information to correct what you see fit–until it’s as accurate as can be. $45/hr or flat rate of $275 – less than 50,000 words; or $65/hr or flat rate of $400 – 50,000+ words

I offer A La Carte services for Family Historians, Students, Genealogists, etc, which are generally flat rate fees ranging from $75-300, based on the project.

Rates are based loosely on guidelines created by the Editorial Freelancers Association, but I’m flexible, so send me an email and we can discuss your project.

All hourly projects are logged and dated in Toggl for both accuracy and ethical standards.