The Tradition and History of Easter Eggs

The egg is one of the enduring symbols of Easter, and unsurprisingly, we find it present far, far before the modern era. Easter and Easter eggs have their roots in pagan Europe, where eggs symbolized the rebirth of the Earth in celebrations of spring. When the pagans converted to Christianity, they kept many of their …

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Kate Middleton and Heraldry

Heraldry, or Coat of Arms, are one of those forgotten, but very important perks of being to the “manner born” (or is it to the manor born?), so it is obvious why Michael Middleton, Kate’s father applied for one for the family! According to the Daily Mail: Coats of Arms came into being during medieval …

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Education Women

Women’s Colleges & Universities: Smith College

When Sophia Smith made plans to bequeath her fortune to the foundation of a women’s college in the sleepy town of Northampton, Massachusetts, she laid the foundation for one of America’s premiere women’s colleges: “1) the educational advantages provided by it would be equal to those afforded by young men in their colleges; 2) Biblical …

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