Interior Design

Edwardian Housekeeping: Furnishing the Home

Methods of Furnishing The Hire-Purchasing System, wherein the buyer paid for their furnishings on an installment plan (rather like Rent-a-Center). The Stock Furnishing System, wherein the buyer took a list of what they wanted for each room, and purchased it all at once at a discounted rate. The Craftsman’s System, wherein the buyer commissioned artist-craftsmen …

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Edwardian Housekeeping: Lighting

At the start of the Edwardian era, the use of electricity gradually made its way from public buildings to smart homes in cities and newly-built houses in the suburbs–though it took a while for this new method of power and lighting to reach the countryside. In the meantime, gas had finally banished candles (save when …

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General Servant’s Time-Table in Edwardian England

Daily Work in a seven-roomed house Family – Master, mistress, and one child 6 a.m. – Rise, light kitchen fire, fill kettles, clean boots, sweep hall and steps. Sweep, and light dining-room fire, call family, and take hot water. Help mistress to lay table, and prepare breakfast. 8 a.m. – Have kitchen breakfast while family …

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