Martha and Violet

Thoughts on episode 1 of Downton Abbey’s third season:

  • I love Alfred. That is all.
  • Matthew must be the luckiest man on earth–heir to an earldom and heir to a sudden (and mysterious–didn’t Lavinia rat out her uncle because her father was heavily in debt?) fortune!
  • It was a tad troubling to watch Tom rant about Irish independence–it was a serious and tragic matter, but are we supposed to want him to stop talking about it because he makes everyone uncomfortable?
  • Edith’s pursuit of Sir Anthony! You go girl, even though I want you to find someone who pursues you first, not someone you fall for because he shows an ounce of kindness.
  • MARY! Her snits were aggravating because the circumstances of Matthew’s inheritance were horrid and painful. It’s practically like dancing on poor Lavinia’s grave.
  • Cora has the heart of a Who–I would have ripped Robert a new one over his arrogant handling of her fortune.
  • When will Daisy learn to stop listening to Thomas? He loves to cause trouble, especially with Mrs. Patmore!
  • Speaking of Mrs. Patmore, is anyone else loving her friendship with Mrs. Hughes as much as I am?
  • Two things that underwhelmed me: Martha Levinson and Mary’s wedding gown.
  • Was Matthew a virgin? Twitter consensus leans towards yes ^.^
  • Thomas vs O’Brien is going to get deadly!
  • Bates in prison is like a ticking time bomb. Reminds me of when he suddenly snapped on Thomas in S1. I’m glad to see Anna fighting to get him free when it seems that everyone else has moved on.

Leave your ruminations and reactions in the comments below!

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