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The Amorous Life of Edward VII

The sexual appetites of King Edward VII are well known: from the scandal of Nellie Cliffden, which Victoria blamed for her beloved Albert’s death, to the perfumed bosoms of aristocratic French ladies and courtesans, to Sarah Bernhardt and Lillie Langtry, to his long-time mistresses, Daisy Warwick and Alice Keppel, Bertie was very much a ladies’ …

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Movies Royalty

The Young Victoria (2009)

This film has been on my radar for quite some time, and believe me, if The Young Victoria failed to receive a U.S. release date, movie studios would have been on the receiving end of many tersely-worded emails! Thankfully, for my health’s sake and the sake of Homeland Security, The Young Victoria arrives in U.S. …

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Amusements Royalty Season Travel

The Season: Scotland

After the close of the London social season, society packed its bags for either the Continent, or other country house parties, but most traveled up north for the Scottish season. Partly focused in Edinburgh and partly focused in Balmoral Castle, or other Scottish castles and/or hunting seats, this time was marked by August 12, otherwise …

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