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Downton Abbey

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Downton Recaps: Episode Five, Season Two


Tasha’s back again with her weekly recaps, with screencaps courtesy of Downton Online.

Did you all see the Downton Abbey skit on Saturday Night Live this weekend? It was soooo funny.

Anyway, this week I’m on pins and needles to find out who that guy with all the bandages is that Lord Grantham doesn’t recognize! Is it the cousin Mary was engaged to and the heir of Downton? A relative of Lady Grantham’s? Is it the English Patient? Questions!

Mary and Matthew © Downton Online

Mary’s rolling Matthew across the lawn in a wheel chair. That looks like hard work, just imagine how easy it is for those wheels to get stuck in the mud. She’s going at it like a champ, though. Meanwhile, Sir Richard is playing the “Don’t you want grandchildren?” card to Lady Grantham. Don’t you have two other daughters, Lady Grantham? Seriously. Meanwhile, army/doctor guy informs us that some Canadian named Gordon wants to convalesce at Downton Hospital. Okie dokie! That must be the English Patient.

Bates and Anna are making plans to move into their own place in front of O’Brien and Thomas. If the house is a rockin’ don’t come a knockin’! Don’t you two know not to make plans in front of O’Brien and Thomas? If you do, they won’t come true.

Meanwhiles, with the war about to end, people are wondering what to do with all the soldiers. Lady Grantham is looking forward to having her house to herself again, but Isobel wants to keep it open as a hospital. This woman needs a hobby, or maybe she should open turn her own damn house into a convalesce home. Lady Violet is equally annoyed, but hatches a plan to distract Isobel from Downton and keep her out of everyone’s hair.

Back at Downton Hospital, Edith has caught sight of the Canadian Patient. This is awesome. She’s going to fall in love with him and move to Canada! They’re related, and we all know these Grantham sisters like to kiss their cousins. He sounds Canadian *now*? They’ve met before? This guy’s mysterious.

Joshua Reynolds portrait on the stairs!

Robert and Jane © Downton Online

Lord Grantham has to serve himself. What inconvenience. Whenever I’m eating, I’m like, “Where’s my butler, yo?” so I can sympathize. Don’t worry, though, he has a maid to carry food to him so he doesn’t have to get up. Lord Grantham asks the new maid about her family and she gets awfully chatty. He’s going to put in a good word for her son–what a sweetie.

Bandaged guy is Patrick Crawley. Yes, the one who was the heir to Downton and died on the Titanic. Ahahaha. Did I call that one or did I call that one? Why does he have a Canadian accent? I’m confused, and so is Edith, who is the only person he’s confessed his true identity to so far. He says he lost his memory and they told him he was Canadian, so he just moved right on up to Canada and took his name from a bottle of gin! How romantic. It was only after he was injured at war that he remembered who he was.

Wah-wah, it turns out that Vampy Vera told the judge Bates paid her off to divorce him. That means the divorce won’t go through. I thought divorce by definition was where you paid someone off to leave you alone? Anna tries to rally, but O’Brien is listening. That’s never good!

Mary is back at Downton and telling Matthew about her future home. It was awfully echoey. And white, like a tomb. She sounds way excited about it–not. She tells Matthew, “I don’t have to marry him, you know.” Beg much? Matthew’s like, “Yeah you do, and if you don’t, stay the hell away from me.” Hey, Matthew, tone down the dickishness.

Sybil and Branson © Downton Online

Now it’s time to catch up with Branson and Sybil. Remember last week when Sybil was all, “Stay away from me,” even though she’s the one who keeps coming to the garage? YEAH. This week she drops by on some sort of pretense about engines, and Branson offers to teach her allllll about them. I bet. Vroom vroom. Subject change (or maybe I was just thinking about engines), Sybil asks Branson to wait for her until after the war, if he can. Branson’s like, “Yeah! Okay! I’m cool with that!” Dignity, Branson, remember your dignity.

Lord Grantham is wearing his “informal” suit. Hahahahaha. It looks exactly the same as all the other suits he has? I guess the point is he’s not wearing a uniform for once this season.

Sir Richard is offering Carson a job, probs because Lady Mary can’t be without her favorite servant. Who knew Lady Mary bothered to discuss servants with Sir Richard. Carson’s not opposed to the idea, but wants Lady Mary to ask him, not Richard. Then he tells Lady Mary he needs to know what Lord Grantham thinks. Methinks he wants to go to this house as much as Lady Mary does, which is not at all. When Mary asks Lord Grantham about it, he’s all like, “There is nothing more ill-bred than to steal other people’s servants.” I didn’t know that! But what will Downton be like without Carson? Sadface! Looks like he’s going, though. Someone stop this wedding, plz. Looking at you, Matthew.

Edith finally tells her dad about the Canadian Patient, and Grantham feels the need to confront “Patrick.” He’s a little touchy with the bandaged guy. I think Patrick should have written before he showed up. Well, at least he can have kids, right? Since this is a Big Issue, Lord Grantham breaks the news to the rest of the family–sans Canadian Patient–that Patrick, former heir to Downton, is alive. Poor Matthew. How will he be a lawyer now that he’s in a wheelchair? Mary is PISSED. I think she was a bit relieved Patrick died, no? Or maybe she just doesn’t want to be burdened with another bachelor to choose from. Matthew descends into a shame spiral since even the Canadian Patient can do the dirty dance, and the conversation is over.

Edith and "Patrick Gordon" © Downton Online

Meanwhile, that pesky baby of Ethel’s! Does it even have a name? Carson and Mrs Hughes decide to finally tell Lady Grantham about it. She’s willing to help by searching out for the major and bringing pressure on him to marry Ethel, even though it’s Ethel’s own fault. Letter time! It turns out the Major who sired Ethel’s baby died in the war. So no money from that quarter, I guess. Ethel wonders what “we” are going to do. What’s this we, Kemosabe? Ethel’s depressed. I’d be depressed too. But then I wouldn’t have had sex with that bastard major.

The new maid is crushing on Grantham.

It’s weird that the Canadian Patient sounds like a Canadian. It makes NO SENSE. If he got the Canadian accent after he lost his memory, why didn’t his English accent come back once his memory returned? But on the other hand, if you were trying to take over a dead guy’s inheritance, wouldn’t you also try to fake his accent, at least? Also, I also can’t figure out why the Canadian Patient’s just kind of hanging out in Downton, as if he doesn’t know where to go or is afraid of confronting the family. If he does have his memory back, he should have marched right into Lord Grantham’s library and been like, “Heya, buddy!” (but in an English way, of course). Edith, meanwhile, is not asking these questions. She is the perfect mark, for realz–she WANTS Patrick to be alive and isn’t inclined to question it.

Yay, the war is over! Oh happy day! “Why can’t the cease-fire begin now?” Good question. How horrible would it be to be killed in between the time where they decided to end the war and the official cease-fire?

Isobel has decided to help the refugees that Lady Violent conveniently arranged for her. Hooray! Violet and Cora are incandescent with glee and trying not to giggle. Poor Isobel, fleeced by the Grantham women again.

Oh dear, the Canadian Patient is showing a streak of temper. I don’t think he’s the best heir for Downton. But Edith can’t resist his wide, blinking eyes. Evidence suggests he could be Patrick, but he could also be one of Patrick’s friends who was from Montreal. Mary is completely against him being Patrick, but Lord Grantham doesn’t know what to think. Edith’s new plan is to find this friend to prove that the Canadian Patient is not him.

Bates went to London to have it out with Vera–or “reason” with her, as he put it, but we all know she’s not reasonable. He comes back–I guess later that night?–having walked from the train station. THAT’S NOT A GOOD SIGN. His meeting with Vera was “worse than you can possibly imagine,” and it looks like he got slapped. To repeat: She. SLAPPED. Bates. The woman is pure evil. How on earth did those two wind up together? O’Brien observes it all from a distance with her shark-like eyes.

Lavinia returns to care for Matthew © Downton Online

Thanks to collusion from Sir Richard and Lady Grantham, Lavinia has returned to Downton, with the idea that she’ll separate Matthew and Mary (as if Matthew wasn’t doing a good enough job of that on his own). First thought: what were Lavinia and Sir Richard getting up to while that car was “stuck in the mud,” eh? I don’t trust her. She has horrible fashion sense and she’s a spineless idiot. This woman is going to be the next Lady Grantham? NO. Where on earth did Matthew find her?

Lord Grantham, meanwhile, wasn’t let onto this meddling with Mary and Matthew’s romance, and does not approve. Grantham has better instincts than his wife does–now Sir Richard is threatening Lady Mary. He likes to control things, apparently. He’ll be fun to live with. Wake up, Mary!

Meanwhile, the Canadian Patient left in the middle of night. Actually morning, but Edith wasn’t up yet. He decided “It was too difficult.” Well, I guess that puts an end to that.

Ceremonial end to the war! Kind of a weird thing to do, but I guess it works. Are you relieved? I’m relieved. Matthew is much more with the frowny face now. But then… MATTHEW FELT SOMETHING! HE CAN WALK!!!! I knewwwww it. You can’t keep a good man down. And Lavinia’s such a bitch for letting someone else roll Matthew through Downton. Lady Mary wouldn’t just roll him through the house, but along a sandy beach as well.

*GASP!* Bates’ wife is dead! What… just… happened. Did O’Brien kill Vampy Vera??? DID ANNA? Imagine if Anna wound up in the hoosegow for murder. That would be tragic, yet in keeping with this couple’s luck so far.

Vera's dead! © Downton Online

This episode ended on some serious cliff hangers. I can’t wait to find out who killed Vera and how. I also can’t wait for le moment dramatique when Matthew stands up and reveals he can WALK! You know that’s coming.

Downton Recaps: Episode Four, Season Two


Tasha’s recapping solo again this week (we’ll soon see Lynn again!), so without further ado, her thoughts on last night’s episode.

For once I’m glad this installment of Downton Abbey is only an hour, because I don’t think I could handle a 2-hour one this week. Anyway, I wonder what Thomas and O’Brien are going to be up to.

Going over the top © Downton Online

We’re in France! Vive la France! Shouldn’t the Americans be riding in to save the day soon? The guns blaze and there are explosions and Mary suddenly feels terribly cold. Daisy also felt a chill. That’s not a good sign! Sure enough, Matthew is injured. The expression on Lord Grantham’s face indicates that it’s not a scratch, either. William is injured too, apparently, and Lady Violet wants him to be taken care of at Downton Hospital, but the doctor/military guy won’t let her. Bureaucratic BS! But Thomas isn’t going to stand for that crap! He’s going to Do Something (but probably not).

Anna shares the news of the injuries with Bates. I’ve never seen a guy look so cute in an apron. They go to a church to pray about this and talk about their wedding. THEY ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER.

Daisy’s ashamed she deceived William about her feelings. She should be. Vampy Vera chooses that moment to slither into the Abbey kitchens. She calls Anna a floozy! And she’s going to tell the WORLD about Lady Mary’s indiscretions because she can’t stand seeing Bates happy. Naturally, Thomas and O’Brien are the ones who called her in, but now O’Brien realizes Bates was protecting the Granthams and she’s fully annoyed.

Meanwhile, in the haven for sanity that’s Branson’s garage (great name for a bar, btw), Sybil has decided she needs to be chauffeured somewhere. Branson’s conversational gambit is, “Hey, isn’t Mary in love with Matthew?” That’s not well-played, is it? Yeah, that’s right, Branson, rich people have feelings too!

Violet and Edith discuss William's treatment with Dr. Clarkson © Downton Online
Lady Violet and Edith go to visit William. The prognosis is death. 🙁 Since he’s going to die anyway, Lady Violet asks if they can take him back to Downton. William’s father is there as well and doesn’t seem to have heard about the prognosis.

At Downton, Matthew has arrived. The doc warns Mary that his condition will be “very distressing.” Again, not a good sign! He looks like a zombie extra Shaun of the Dead. His back looks like ground meat, and it turns out his spine is damaged. Matthew may never walk again, nor even do the horizontal dance. THE HORROR! Well, at least he’s not dying upstairs like William is.

Meanwhile, William gets his own room. POOR WILLIAM. I knew he was going to kick the bucket. Don’t they have like inhalers or something in this time period? Mrs. Pattmore continues to bully Daisy into pretending feelings for William. How long is this going to go on for? I’m going to guess until they’re married. Just listen to Mrs. Pattmore, Daisy, she’s smarter than you are.

Lavinia’s here. Is she still around? Matthew greets her with, “My darling.” Excuse me while I go puke.

Mrs. Hughes is helping out Ethel, because she’s nice like that. The Major is back in town and Ethel’s all, “Reunion! I bet he wants to see the baby!” OMG, this woman’s an idiot. Stupidly, Mrs. Hughes agrees to encourage this by passing along Ethel’s messages to the Major, but–shockingly!–he’s a dick. Wah-wah.

Mary and Matthew

Back at Downton Hospital, Matthew has the grace to ask about William, and his own legs, which he cannot move. He bullies Mary into breaking the news that he won’t walk again. Hey, you know what situations like this call for? Tea!

Lady Mary has decided to tell Sir Richard about the Turkish Diplomat Incident to foil Vera. He’s really a bastard about the whole thing. His lips say, “blah blah blah,” but his dancing eyes say, “I’ll enjoy holding this over your head for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, you tramp. Thanks!”

New maid looks like a psycho.

Matthew breaks the news to Lavinia that they can’t be married–not properly. IF YOU GET MY MEANING. Did he just want to marry her so he could get under her skirts? Maybe they will get married and then she’ll take a lover and become the inspiration for Lady Chatterly’s Lover.

Paradoxically, now Sybil has decided to share gossip with Branson, but he’s been reading the Edwardian equivalent of MSNBC and is distracted by the fact that the Tsar and his family have been executed. I thought that was a secret execution? And why does Sybil always look as if her shirts are about to fall off her shoulders? Especially when she’s around Branson, haha. Methinks he’s making inroads with that one. Or not. There’s A Moment, she runs away.

Vampy Vera shows up at Sir Richard’s office to spill the beans on Mary’s virginity. Maybe she and Sir Richard should get together! They have very similar personalities.

Now Mrs. Hughes is bullying Daisy to marrying Will, as well. Poor poor William knows he’s dying, and he knows that if Daisy marries him she’ll get his pension. ZOMG, this episode is AWFUL, I can’t STAND it. Then even Lady Violet gets in on the act and bullies the pastor into marrying them. And whoa, no one does bullying like she does! “May I remind you your living is Lord Grantham’s gift?” *smile*

Lavinia is staying at Downton. There’s something so wrong about that. She tells Mary that Matthew can never have the sexytimes again. How convenient that you told that to Mary, your obvious rival, Lavinia!

Meanwhile, Sir Richard hasn’t wasted time and posted an announcement of their engagement. Uhg, can’t Vampy Vera kill him off or something? And is it just me or is Mary visibly aging during the course of this episode? Well, you may have foiled Vera this time, but she’ll be back! And don’t even think it’s over for Bates! Mwahahahaha. *exists stage left in a swirl of evil smoke*

Daisy and William's wedding © Downton Online

Daisy and Will’s wedding! This scene is going to make me cry, I just know it. EVEN LADY VIOLET IS CRYING!!!! Worst. Episode. Ever. At least the bed looks nice. Daisy looks very pretty, as well.

Mary and Matthew are being spared all this drama in favor of their own problems. He’s expounding on why he can’t possibly marry Lavinia–or ANY woman–because of the lack of the sexytimes. “And if they should just want to be with you? On any terms?” Mary says, not talking about herself at all. But Matthew is in too much of a shame spiral to notice how she’s clearly not referring to herself. “I turned you down, now look at me… Impotent, crippled, and stinking of sick. What a reversal!” Matthew, are you implying Mary was puke-worthy when you broke off your engagement? Oh, good, mummy’s here to put up with your whining from now on.

Lady Mary gives Bates the heads up that their plan to foil Vampy Vera has worked. Everything in Bates’ and Anna’s garden is rosey now, but not in Mary’s. Can’t everyone’s garden be rosey?

William’s dead. I feel like I’ve spent an hour being punched in the gut. Feel free to cheer the eff up next week, Downton, for realz.

Photos courtesy of Downton Online; commentary is all Tasha (follow her on Twitter)

Downton Recaps: Episode Three, Season Two


Lynn can’t be with us today, but Tasha is still here, and her recaps are always funny and informative!

Tonight was very stressful because the Giants’ game went into overtime, which means my mom INSISTED on watching American Idol even though Downton was on AT THE SAME TIME. As if American Idol can possibly compete against Downton. Whatevs. It’s so annoying when football interferes with anything, but most especially Downton Abbey. Grr. In other news, I hope Branson and Sybil get together in this ep. I confess I have a weakness for chauffeur/rich girl plotlines.

It’s 1918. Time moves fast in the Downton Abbey world! The Abbey’s still a hospital and Mary hates keeping people’s spirits up, totally unsurprisingly. She can barely keep her own spirits up, how can she be expected to give what little reserves of cheerfulness and hope she has out to others? Meanwhile, Lady Grantham has taken control of Downton by being passive-aggressive, ignoring Mrs. Crawley whenever she’s in the room and changing her timetable when she’s not around. Mwahahahaha.

Cora ignoring Isobel ©Downton Online
Cora ignoring Isobel ©Downton Online

“It would be too much to accuse you of being unprofessional, since you have never had a profession in your life,” Mrs. Crawley tells her. Oh snap! Now we finally know where Matthew got that self-righteous streak from. Mrs. Crawley threatens to leave–several times–and Lady Grantham tells her not to let the door hit her in the arse on the way out. Fine then! She’s joining the Red Cross! And no one appreciates her. *sadface*

Lady Violet suspects Sybil’s in love with someone inappropriate. She has the instincts of a bloodhound, I swear to god. The Home Office should employ her as a spy. Are her and my grandmother related?

Violet questioning Mary ©Downton Online
Violet questioning Mary ©Downton Online

In point of fact, Branson has apparently gotten over his moodiness and is back in love with Sybil despite their difference in stations. “I’ll stay at Downton until you want to run away with me… You’re in love with me, you’re just too scared to admit it,” he declares. Branson gets all the best lines.

Sybil and Branson  ©Downton Online
Sybil and Branson ©Downton Online

Sir Richard has written to Lord Grantham asking for Mary’s hand in marriage, despite the fact that he’s been refused. What is with the passive aggressive asshole behavior in this episode? Mary thinks she should marry him, because he wants to buy her a proper house. Well la di da, Mary! I think you missed a lesson in the How To Live class, girl. But at least her dress is very nice! Just bordering on flapperish. She’s filling Matthew in on all the family gossip via post. Matthew is of course in France, with William! I forgot William was there. He talks a lot.

Some things never change, namely O’Brien and Thomas plotting. Thomas can’t help but notice Lord Grantham has no valet. But he’s not a footman anymore, is he, so he can’t fill the void… so to speak. Too bad!

Thomas and O'Brien usual ©Downton Online
Thomas and O'Brien usual ©Downton Online

Meanwhile, the Crawley’s servants are depressed, since they no longer have anyone to serve. Moseley’s so bored he’s volunteering at Downton. A beggar comes around the Crawley house asking for food. He’s quite cute for a beggar. This gives Mrs. Bird the idea to start a soup kitchen for soldiers, since she’s so bored.

France! Matthew’s on patrol with William. They’re getting shot at! My mom is upset Matthew’s wearing a rain coat, I don’t know why. They disappear! Or at least William’s disappeared, which is odd. Lord Grantham FINALLY gets a phone call that William and Matthew are MIA. Cheerful as always, O’Brien reminds the staff that this means they might be dead. THANKS.

Rumor has it Mr. Bates is working in a public house. Not that kind of public house, get your mind out of the gutter. Thomas had it in a letter, I don’t know why, and Daisy read it and then she told Mr. Carson, who told Lord Grantham. Does Anna know?!? Grantham is slightly disappointed that she does, but on the plus side this means she can pass along more gossip.

In Downton’s kitchen, O’Brien wants to borrow bacon. Why, does she want to perform voodoo with it? She happens to hear about Mrs. Patmore’s “special storage area,” which is where she and Daisy are keeping extra food for Mrs. Bird’s soup kitchen. O’Brien smells a rat, and blabs about it to the housekeeper, who doesn’t care. She’ll find someone who does care if it’s the last thing she does!!!

The hungry veteran ©Downton Online
The hungry veteran ©Downton Online

While O’Brien’s plotting, the gentry are dining. Lady Violet is still worrying over Sybil’s upper-class purity and starts off a most awkward dinner conversation gambit with, “So, Sybil, what are you up to, dear?” Sybil: “I’m not up to anything!” Doesn’t Lady Violet know one of the sure ways to get a young woman to do something is to warn her again it? Or him, rather.

Ethel (the maid) is also doing someone she shouldn’t do: the Major! The housekeeper catches them in flagrante delicto in Ethel’s room! What. An idiot. They could at least have gone at it outside the house. Ethel’s let go without a reference and hopefully not preggers.

Ethel and Major Bryant ©Downton Online
Ethel and Major Bryant ©Downton Online

Lord Grantham has traveled to Yorkshire to beg for Mr. Bates’ return. It went something like this: “Mr. Bates, this show isn’t half as interesting without you! We need your mysterious yet noble presence. You also need to shave.” Actually, what happens is he tells Bates Matthew and William are missing. Mr. Bates to the rescue! He will use his mysterious powers and war connections to bring honor back to the earldom, and return Matthew to Downton. *angels singing*

Back at Downton, after the awkward dinner, Mary feels the need to console Sybil that Granny’s just being Granny and she shouldn’t be so upset about it, which leads to Sybil finally confessing to Mary that there IS something between her and Branson. But they haven’t kissed or anything! Mary is HORRIFIED. “What did you think, you’d marry the chauffeur and we’d all come to tea?” What a bitch she is sometimes. Hey, she sounds exactly her aunt. Mary makes Sybil promise not to do anything stupid, not that she has any room to talk. *coughTurkishdiplomatcough* I’m disappointed that Sybil neglected her duty as a younger sibling to point out the irony of this.

Mr. Bates is back to save us all from WWI. I’m sure he will be the key to ending hostilities, and finding Matthew. In the meantime he’s doing a fine job of sneering at Thomas. Everyone is happy to see Bates except Mr. Moseley, who was hoping to be the next valet to the earl; and O’Brien, who takes a moment to threaten Bates with the ominous warning that Thomas is in charge. WHAT IS HER PROBLEM?

Back to the days of Sybil and Branson’s lives… Branson looks very handsome in his chauffeur’s uniform when Sybil comes by to tell him she told Mary about them, even though there IS no “them.” How many times does she have to say that?! He insults her job, which loses him some points, but he gets them back by saying it just comes down to whether or not Sybil loves him. He’s a dreamer, our Branson. I’m actually not sure she’s that into you, dude; this could end really badly. Anna and Bates are also having a romantic interlude. L’amour!

Lady Grantham finds out about Mrs. Bird and Mrs. Patmore’s soup kitchen. From O’Brien, of course. O’Brien and Her Ladyship are roped into service.

Mrs. Hughes gets Thomas’ boss to give him a dressing-down for rudeness. But O’Brien thinks it was Bates, and she’s plotting something to get rid of him. Again, one has to wonder what her problem is. Does she think Lang will be re-employed if Bates goes? Not likely.

Finally everyone knows about Matthew being MIA. Edith told Mary and Lord Grantham told Lady Grantham. Mary’s having a little spaz, but Lord Grantham gives them the “Keep Calm and Carry On” speech, and they all go down for a concert. Mary and Edith are performing! Is Mary going to cry while singing a touching a song? “If you were the only girl in the world, and I were the only boy…” Sing along!

Mary is shocked ©Downton Online
Mary is shocked ©Downton Online

WAIT! IT’S MATTHEW! HE’S ALIVE! Oh, we never knew how much we liked you until we thought you were dead, Matthew. And now he’s singing too! This is like Downton Abbey: The Musical! Matthew can actually sing, that’s amazing. I want a musical episode NOW, Julian Fellowes!!!! I think my mom’s actually starting to get into this show; she wandered in to find out why they were singing.

Matthew is safe ©Downton Online
Matthew is safe ©Downton Online

Afterward, Matthew explains his disappearance was just stupid army bureaucracy, more or less. He confesses to Mary that war is starting to seem more real to him than Downton, which is not a good sign. Then they exchange uncomfortably intense “You take care of yourself,” wishes and part. Yes. YOU TAKE OF YOURSELF, OKAY???? *STARE*

Meanwhile, Anna and Bates are making zee plans, and Thomas and O’Brien are making zee plans to ruin their plans, whatever they happen to be. Thomas and O’Brien are like nega-Anna and Bates.

Ethel has returned begging for forgiveness. She is pregnant. Naturally! Mrs. Hughes better get her gun so she can force the Major to marry her.

Anna and Bates ©Downton Online
Anna and Bates ©Downton Online

Annnnd that’s the end. That was a pretty good episode. It was all about zee lurrve, which naturally I enjoy; and Bates came back, even though he wasn’t in the show that much. The scene with Dan Stevens and Michelle Dockery (Matthew and Mary) singing together was priceless. I hope that gets posted on YouTube. Stay tuned for next week when Matthew gets blown up, Vampy Vera returns to ruin Mary’s reputation, and Bates ends the war. Keep calm and carry on!