The Season Abroad

Up to the mid-nineteenth century the great leisure center of Europe were the German spas. However, when gambling was outlawed, the pendulum swung towards France and Monaco. The greater ease and inexpensive fares offered by both railways and ocean liners enabled society to hare off to Monte for a bit of gambling, to a tiger …

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The London Season

The London season was coincident with the Parliamentary session, and from February to July, the dinner parties and other entertainments arranged for the amusement of the politicians and their families exceeded the sum of those given in all the other European capitals. From the opening of Covent Garden to the Royal Drawing Rooms, to private …

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The Many Scandals of the Marlborough House Set

Upon his marriage to Princess Alexandra of Denmark in 1863, the Prince of Wales was given the leases of Sandringham House and Marlborough House, and an annual income of £100,000. Up until then, the twenty-two year old Bertie was treated like a schoolboy, and the sudden banishment of tutors and governesses, and the fleshly delights …

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