If you’d like to take advantage of the only Edwardian history blog on the net, try taking out a sponsored ad on Edwardian Promenade! This site is not only the premiere space for Edwardian history, but for popular period dramas like Downton Abbey, Mr. Selfridge, and other dramas airing on ITV, BBC, and PBS; readers of historical fiction (romance, mystery, YA); students; and costumers.

Because of this, Edwardian Promenade is in the unique space of providing a highly targeted demographic in this niche market. Ads run for 30-60 days at a time, starting from the day you purchase sponsorship! Tap into -2-3x weekly posts, a thriving social media community, and rich content spanning from Edwardian society to women’s history to African-American history to food and fashion, and beyond!

Once you’ve purchased ad space, email me at webmistress@edwardianpromenade.com with your receipt and your advertisement graphic or giveaway information


– Updated September 2016
Pageviews for the past 30 days: 200,000+
Pageviews per day: 6500+
Top 5 countries: United States, Great Britain, Canada, Germany, France
Social networks:
Twitter (two accounts): 4000+ followers
Facebook: 4000+ fans
Pinterest: 2100+
Feedburner: 650+
EP: 500+
Google Plus: 490 circles
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  • Ads can be in .gif or .jpg/jpeg format. Each ad must fit the perimeters of the space.
  • Contact me if you’re not Photoshop-savvy; I’d be glad to design your ad gratis!
  • EP reserves the right to reject any advertisement if the content is deemed inappropriate.
  • EP also reserves the right to change rates and ad spots at any time, but ads purchased before a price change or ad length will be honored for the original price.
  • EP will spotlight each advertiser/sponsor each month (if there are enough ads/sponsors, without repeats) in a special post–it will expose you to the readers who consume EP through RSS feed!
  • Advertisement and Sponsorship is not limited to books or products! If you feel the audience for Edwardian Promenade would be interested in you, your blog, or anything related to the site, feel free to purchase a space.
  • Advertisement does not equal endorsement by Edwardian Promenade
  • Make sure you sign up for an ad with the correct email address. I will send renewal emails to that email address.

Pricing & Specs

The Windsor 250×400
30 Day Duration – Right Sidebar


The Vanderbilt 200×350
30 Day Duration – Right Sidebar


The Langtry 200×200
30 Day Duration – Right Sidebar


The Jerome 150×150
30 Day Duration – Bottom of Blog Posts


Sponsored Giveaway 100×100
For authors, businesses, or companies eager to place your Edwardian-themed products (books, DVDs, crafts, etc) in front of interested visitors, Edwardian Promenade will host a giveaway on the website, and will utilize its extensive social media reach to bring attention to the post.


Curio Edwardiana 250×50
30 Day Duration Bottom Banner
Up to 2 ad spots shows at a time. Ads will rotate up to 2 ads per spot.

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